Define Risk. Trade Better.

Now major CME Group futures events can be traded with cash.

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The Simpler Way to Trade CME Products

Edge Clear is happy to be a launch partner for the new CME Group event contracts! The Event Contracts will offer a straightforward way to trade a handful of the world's most important markets. Offering smaller-sized, daily expiring products will allow you to trade based on your expectations of the futures benchmark equity index, energy, metals, and foreign currency futures markets with risk being clearly defined and without the use of margin.

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YES or NO: Will the market settle above or below a certain price by the end of the day?

It really is that simple!

Trade Event Contracts on a Yes or No basis. The contracts provide a transparent way for you to express your views on the global market's daily settlements. Event Contracts focus on the daily price movements of an underlying market. You now have a way to express your opinions on daily price action without dealing with the complexities of intraday movement or volatility. To participate, choose Yes or No based upon your prediction of the settlement price.

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How do Event Contracts Work?

You can trade your view on whether the price of key futures markets will settle above or below a certain price by the end of each day's trading session. At the prior day's close, the CME Group will release a new set of settlement prices that you can express your views on. Take a position while clearly defining your max profit or loss potential at expiration. The max gain or loss for any trade is priced between $0.25 to $19.75 per contract. The price you pay per contract is the most you can lose per trade*. Event contracts are short-term positions that expire at market close.

* Less applicable fees and commissions